Catalog by Bastion for the exhibition Syster

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Bastion (Alexandra Falagara and Brita Lindvall) worked with a patchwork in mind (as a reference to the crafts that women traditionally engaged in when they “had spare time”) to create a non-hierarchical structure where the participants are given equal importance, as they all have a page each. These are also feminist design strategies that were used by the legendary graphic designer Sheila Levrant de Brettville in the 1970′s, through this action Bastion wished to put their work in dialogue with the work of hers. Each page has its own typeface designed by a woman – and to further write herstory, They´ve added information in the footer of who made ​​each font and when.  The catalog is decorated with a chain pattern of diverse expressions, which symbolizes how the various sisterhoods both engage and differ from each other.