Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner

We  wondered about the reasons for our eleven-year-old hearts beating so hard after watching the movie Dirty Dancing... We would leave the cinema for the fifth time, still with an overwhelming sense of strength!

Well, it was the first time we saw a movie from the perspective of a young woman; the first time we saw a young woman take the initiative to have sex on the screen. It was also the first time an abortion was displayed without putting blame or guilt on women. Dirty Dancing is not "just a dance movie" it’s a feminist film about class, abuse of power, about standing up for your beliefs, the right to love whomever you want. But because it’s been seen as a chick flick movie that automatically gives it low status.

At the beginning of the new millennium a serial rapist terrorized the city of Umeå, in north of Sweden, for several years. This had an enormous consequence on women's freedom and right to feel safe in public space. When the police finally arrested the predator we wanted to make a public art work about taking back the public sphere and also to light up the bus square, a area where women didn’t feel safe at night. So we used the famous line Nobody puts Baby in a corner, made it in white neon and placed it on a brick wall above the bus square. 

By removing the sentence from its original film context, we can explore the wide range that the sentence holds; it becomes a statement that can communicate in different ways. For us it stands for solidarity and equality.

Dirty Dancing 1986, written and produced by Eleanor Bergstein.

Dear Sisters of Jam

Your letter gave me such great pleasure. It is an honor for me and for my work to be attached to a cause so close to my heart.  I wish you all good things with it.  I will be cheering you on from here.  The reason one does any work at all is in the hope that loving spirits like yours can carry it forward in the name of something that means so much to me. 
With deepest thanks,
Eleanor Bergstein

Letter to S.O.J 2012 from the writer and producer of Dirty Dancing Eleanor Bergstein.

Eleanor Bergstein

We met Eleanor, the writer and producer of Dirty Dancing, at her studio in New York, 2013. We talked about the impact her movie have had on her life and many others.

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