Dear Kate Millett and Kate Millett Farm


Stockholm 2009-08-04

We are two visual artists based in Stockholm and Umeå, Sweden. Beside our individual work as artists we also collaborate as a duo under the name “Sisters of Jam”. The name came out of the fact that we are sisters but more important that we meet and play around with ideas that we want to explore together. As artists and women our ideas is grounded in taking action in what it means being a women in today’s society.

Our discovery in Kate Millett Farm came through reading the book “Going to Iran”. Reading the book today what struck us the most is actually what comes first, the act of reaching out for the sisters in Iran. To act on your believes. The feminist struggle in Sweden feels often pointed towards the individual, it’s not global.

If we were to be given a chance to visit Kate Millett Farm our work would be about the idea of the Farm, the community, womanhood, the discussions that takes place.

Women, artists, living and working together are a unique matter that we would like to investigate as artists. We would work with painting, drawing, video, photography and would like- if possible- to make interviews with you and other artists staying at the farm.

Hope to hear from you soon…

All the best,
Sisters of Jam; Moa and Mikaela Krestesen