Dear Moa and Mikaela Krestesen

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Dear Moa and Mikaela Krestesen,

This is a formal invitation to help establish our new identity as a flower farm with picker rights to the next crop of strawberries, pruning rights to old roses comfortably situated next to old trees which are counted as sacred for their late flowering beauty. The tree multiplies indiscriminately (OBS I’m not sure about these last two words!) into a tangle of bush and no longer have growing rights over its garden planted with an invasive crop of Heather, which accompanies Farm hills in the western part of Ireland—just take over a western facing hill, develops a Culture all by itself. Lavender. The whole Heather (A FEW ILLEGIBLE WORDS).

Come aboard our ship of folly. Leave your bag and baggage of art supplies behind. Vassar starts its academic year with portable art supplies at fire sale prices—20% off for a good customer like myself.

Our bath rooms are decorated to a fare the well—here’s a latest flavor reproduced to my favorite chorus of (ILLEGIBLE). Thank god your gov’t has a lasting interest in the ‘extras’ of life. Like Art.

Love and best wishes,
Kate Millett